Could it be I’m suffering
Because I’ll never give in
Won’t say that I’m falling in love

Please, please, tell me
I don’t see myself
Couldn’t I blame something else
No, don’t say, yeah
Don’t say I’m falling in love

Some kind of therapy is all I need
Please believe me
Some instant remedy
That can cure me completely

You’re as sharp as a knife and you fit like a glove
That is no way to live, that is no way to love
Full of fear in your skin and the weakness in giving in

You’re stabbed in the back but you feel no pain
Push the heaviest doors that you can’t open
Yeah, they tied me up and my body lies still, again

You’re as bright as the sun and as bold as the moon
I don’t know when you’ll break but it’s gonna be soon
If my will caves in, I’ll be in the same boat as you

And all the walls were falling down 
Where all the words you wrote were found 
And all the silent space around 
Was suddenly alive 

We took them as we took our leave 
Filling pockets, filling sleeves 
We were little more than thieves, my love 

And we read every single note 
And every thought and every quote 
I cried at every word you wrote, my love

and electricity flows from your hands into my bones
and my flesh turns pink with its warmth

oh pretty love
don’t worry
with me you don’t need a place to hide
so just sit real still
and the light will flood in over the hills

and now i’m walking around outside
in the springtime every thing is sprouting green
and i watched this fight occur
but only thought about lovers
oh it’s strange how this world becomes pure

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the stars came fallin’ on our heads
But they’re just old light, they’re just old light
Your hair was long when we first met

Cause maybe you’re loveable
Maybe you’re my snowflake
And your eyes turn from green to gray
And in the winter I’ll hold you in a cold place
And you should never cut your hair
'Cause I love the way you flick it off your shoulder

And you will never know
Just how beautiful you are to me
But maybe I’m just in love
When you wake me up


If I could, then I would
I’d go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low, I’d go wherever you will go

Whatever it is you think you are
you aren’t:
a good friend, unique, well-read
good-looking, or smart.
Well now you know.

Well I hate to be the one to bear such bad news.
I know it hurts to hear
but it’s true.
you don’t mean anything
to anyone but me.
And even I think
that you’re blinded by conceit.
So now you know.

Free beer
and basement shows
don’t mean you’ve made it.
It’s what you do
not who you were, or what you wear, or where you’ve been,
so do something

Crooked little smile on her face
Tells a tale of grace
That’s all her own

Fragile as a leaf in autumn
Just fallin’ to the ground
Without a sound

Spinning, laughing, dancing to her favorite song
Shes a little girl with nothing wrong
And she’s all alone

I like you
Girl, you don’t got nothing to prove to me
I know that times have been rough
For the both of us
But I’ll pray for change

You see, this world has lots to offer but
In time it will go dark
And if this love is what we say it is,
I’m sure we will go far
And with a girl as sweet as you,
There’s not much else I can do,
But fall for you.

You know that I’m a wreck,
And you know I can’t breathe;
At the edge of my seat with each word.
And as the months turn into years
Just know that I will wait here for you
Cause I’ve prayed for change…