would it help if I tried, or has it sailed and passed me by?
first love grows then it does, and its all white lies

stay here, lie here with me, oh lo-fi, lonley sighs
I will roam lost but never alone, hide with me, hide with me

now you move with the tide and ive heard you’ve found peace of mind
and I know that life’s design moves around white lies

I can still feel your heart beat fast
When you dance with me

We got older and I should’ve known
(Do you feel alive?)
That I feel colder when I walk alone
(Oh, but you’ll survive)
So I may as well ditch my dismay
(Bombs away, bombs away)

Circle me and the needle
Moves gracefully back and forth
If my heart was a compass, you’d be north

And I’m out of your range
Now it’s kind of strange
How we change orbit in our lives
You were kind of a moon
Outside of my room
I could just feel you near by
Now I feel your gone

Cause I know what side you’re on.
and it’s not mine.

And it’s not mine. 

So I start a revolution from my bed 
'Cause you said the brains I had went to my head 
Step outside, summertime’s in bloom 
Stand up beside the fireplace 
Take that look from off your face 
'cause You ain't ever gonna burn my heart out 


I don’t love you, I’m just passing the time.
You could love me if I knew how to lie,
But who could love me? I am out of my mind.

Throwing a line out to sea,
to see if I can catch a dream. 

She’s a backseat driver, a drama provider
An instant update of the world.
She’s a first class liar, a constant forgetter.
(She’s attractive but bitter)

Take off your shoes, come in the room
And baby, let’s try not to argue.
Turn out the lights, turn on the radio
And how can we fight when I’m too busy loving you? 
I’m too busy loving you.
I’m too busy loving you.

Here I am, there you go again (again)
And we will not ever be eighteen again (again)
And I’m worn out of fighting and every night you leave crying
And I could use some time
And here I am, and there you go again (again)…

I need you to know this won’t be broken
And all that we said will not be lost into the dawn
And you would be the last thing I saw coming
I’m still surprised

You are lovely tonight
You, dear, will guide me into the morning light
You are lovely tonight
Lay here beside me - I see the rest of my life with you

Alone we are fine; but when we’re two, we are eternal
The moons have aligned our separate lives; here become one
And you would be the last thing I saw coming


And all the roads we have to walk are winding;
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding.
There are many things that I would 
Like to say to you,
But I don’t know how.

Because maybe;
You’re gonna be the one that saves me.
And after all,
You’re my wonderwall.

Take away the cause of pain by showing her we’re all the same

And every day we try to find 
We search our hearts and our minds

The place we used to call our home can’t be found when we’re alone
So have no envy 
No fear 
Have no envy and no fear

This is start of something beautiful
This is start of something new
You are the one that make me loose it all
You are the start of something new, ooh

And I’d throw it all away
To watch you fall into my arms again
And I throw it all away
Watch you fall, now

This is start of something beautiful
You are the start of something new